Alexander Kämpe Graphic Designer

About Me

My name is Alexander Kämpe and I'm a swede, graphic designer and artist. I have a burning passion for design through all kinds of mediums, though game design has a special place in my heart. My perspective on design is that every emotion can be shown through visual representations, the key is to find a design that brings out most of said emotion to the targeted audience with as much magnitude as possible. An effect can always be maximized, but it should not be confused with adding more details to the content, since beauty often lies in simpleness. Thus, balance and coherence is what I strive for when creating content.


Creative Director, CEO

Alexander Kämpe Graphic Designer

2016 -

Graphic Design and Communication

Bachelors degree, University of Linköping

2014 - 2017

Art Director / Creator

Kårhuset Trappan's marketing team

2015 - 2016